Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked car and health insurance questions.

Car Insurance FAQs

If you’re wondering how much car insurance is going to cost you, the short answer is “it depends.” Rates are based on my factors, including your age,driving record, marital status, credit score, type of vehicle, even your zip code! Sometimes, we’ve seen neighboring zip codes have drastically different rates! The price also depends on how much coverage you decide to buy. Basic coverage is always cheaper then full coverage – read more on that HERE. The best option is to compare quotes, and here at Star Nsurance we will run your rates through 40 different carriers so you can rest assured you are getting the cheapest Car Insurance. 

The best way is to give Star Nsurance a phone call at 813-563-5577 and a licensed agent will promptly answer your call and can typically have a price for you in a few minutes. Make sure to have your personal information (name, address, driver’s license number) when you call along with your vehicle identification number (VIN).

Yes! There are 3 main types of discounts that you can get when calling Star Nsurance for Cheap Car Insurance. 

  • Driver discounts (discounts having to do with you). Insurance companies typically look back 3 to 5 years at your driving history. If you do not have any accidents or tickets, you typically will get a “safe driver discount” which will make your Car Insurance rate cheaper. 
  •  Vehicle discounts (discounts having to do with your car).  Typically, newer more expensive vehicles are going to cost more. Also, safety features play a big part in determining your rate. Trucks and SUV’s will always be more expensive to insure than a car due to the higher risk.  If you have an older car, you may be able to reduce your coverages, read more on this HERE
  • Policy discounts (discounts having to with other policies you have, or how you pay). Try bundling your Car Insurance with Renters or Homeowner’s, you will definitely save money! Also, we always recommend signing up for automatic payments. The Insurance companies will always give you a cheaper rate by having the payment automatically deducted from the card each month. No card or bank account, no problem! Ask our agents about signing up for a free prepaid card!

The answer is ANYTIME! Even if you are still in the middle of your current Insurance policy, there is no need to wait. We can always run you a quote and see if we can find you a cheaper price than you are already paying. If we do end up finding you a cheaper price, we can assist you in cancelling your old policy. Just made a payment on your old policy? No problem, your old Insurance company will send you a refund check. Call Star Nsurance today at 813-563-5577 and we can save you some money!

The answer is YES. We see this most of the time with individuals that have come from a country other than the United States. As long as you have a foreign drivers license or passport, we can get you a Cheap Car Insurance policy. Keep in mind, the carrier will require that you get a Florida drivers license within 60 days.

Health Insurance FAQs

Believe it or not, there are Health Insurance plans out there that may only cost you a few dollars a month. How is this possible? That’s because the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provides subsidies for middle and lower-income people that need Health Insurance, and that drastically reduces the cost of the plans. However, before navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace on your own, it is best to contact an experienced agent. Why? Those plans that may only be a few dollars a month may have a very high deductible and not give you the coverage that you need. Remember, there is NO COST for our services, and we take the time to find you a Cheap Health Insurance plan to fit your needs. Call us today at 813-563-5577 or submit an online quote form HERE.

Star Nsurance offers cheap Health Insurance plans through Obamacare and also top vision, dental, life insurance, and short-term health insurance. Some of our carriers include Aetna, United Healthcare, Ambetter, Oscar and many more. We have the ability to quote you through many different carriers so you can rest assured by calling us, you are getting the Cheapest Health Insurance and best option for you. 

How do I get the price on Cheap Health Insurance? 

Give us a call at 813-563-5577 or schedule an appointment HERE. We can do everything over the phone, but some clients prefer to come into the office. Allow us at least 20-30 minutes when calling or scheduling an appointment. We like to take the time to assess our clients particular Health Insurance needs and finding a plan or plans that will fit their individual needs. You can also complete a quote request form HERE. 

Open Enrollment for next year begins November 1 and goes through December 15. During this time you can enroll and change Health Insurance plans. Many people don’t understand that there is a limited time to enroll, so don’t delay on it. If it is outside of these times, still give us a call. We may be able to find a plan that fits your needs, or we may be able to get you a Cheap Obamacare Health Insurance plan if you have a special enrollment. Call us today 813-563-5577 or submit a quote form HERE.

Short-term coverage is the closest thing you can get to “real” health insurance (Read more on this HERE) if you find yourself needing to purchase a policy outside of open enrollment without a qualifying event.These plans used to be limited to 3 months, but recent legislation allows them to stay in force for up to 3 years, though there is no contract and you can cancel it whenever you’d like. No subsidies are allowed on these plans, but the cost is typically far below the “retail price” of the plans on the marketplace. Applying is easy and coverage can go into effect right away. Call us today for more information on Short-term Health Insurance plans at 813-563-5577.

Of course! We always offer vision and dental to our clients because most people want to have it with their health Insurance plans. However, if you are trying to find a cheaper health insurance plan, and do not need vision and dental, why pay for it? That is why calling an agent like Star Nsurance is the best option for Cheap Health Insurance. We can cater the plan to your individual needs. Call us today! 813-563-5577.