Modifications: Can They Affect Your Car Insurance?

Fast and Furious movies! 

Don’t we just love them all?

Can you tell me the reason they are trendy?

CARS! That’s the only answer.

And if you haven’t watched any of them, then let me tell you that you are missing out a lot. 

You should add the entire franchise to your to-watch list right now.

And if you have watched the first one, you might know how cool a modified car does look. 

And if you love cars, the chances are that you might already have a modified one in your garage or are planning for it.  

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And the thing is modified cars might look fresh and quite spectacular, but their premiums don’t. 

That’s what we are here to address. 

If you are fond of cars and have spent a lot of time modifying your own, then the chances are that you already know how substantial role modifications play in increasing the premium.  

Modifications could range from a small minor change to massive upgrades to your vehicle with severe alterations. And such changes can lead to your vehicle insurance premium rising a lot annually.  

What should you consider before you even think of modifying your car?

You should consider all of the impacts that it could bring to your car insurance premium rates. If you think that it still fits your budget, then you have a green signal to go.

Before going in deep, let’s just start with some basic concepts. 

First of all, let’s learn what a car modification is.

What’s A Car Modification?

That’s where you will get confused.

Sometimes, you might not even go with a particular change to your car due to the thought of the price of premium going high.

And that’s the case with car insurance.

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Before you even think of modifying your car, it’s essential to understand what a car modification is.

Car Modification!

Let’s just suppose that you bought a brand-new car from your nearest manufacturer.

The moment it leaves the showroom, it’s yours.

Any small kind of change that it undergoes, that’s what we call as car modification. 

What if your car dealer offers you some kinds of optional extras himself?

Well, that will be considered as modifications as well. 

These small optional extras are a part of the modifications.

You might not even know it at the start. But, in time, you will know how such additional extras will impact your insurance premium rates. 

And that’s not it.

What’s more disappointing is that such kind of factors can result in your car insurance company rejecting your car insurance claim. 

Well, don’t worry! That’s not all bad news.

The good news is that the modifications which are offered by the manufacturers are such that they are intended to be harmonious with the specifications of your car and are market-approved.

And that’s what car modifications are.

Let’s dig in a little deep and learn the different kinds of car modifications and how they can affect the car insurance premium.

How Can Modifications Affect Your Car Insurance Rates?

Car insurance companies!

 Before even finalizing a quote for you, they consider a whole lot of factors. 


And the main areas that they consider to assess your car insurance policy are:

  • Risk Of Theft
  • Risk Of Accident

Let’s learn about both of them one at a time.

Risk of theft

Performance Modifications!

Such kinds of modifications will increase the chance of your car getting stolen.

Risk of accident

Look & Performance of your car!

Both of the factors are considered by your car insurance company to calculate the risk of an accident.

And such modifications include:

  • Body-kits
  • Engine changes
  • Sports seats
  • Spoilers
  • And a lot more…

Modifications That Will Affect Your Car Insurance Premium

Following are the car modifications that will affect the premium:

  • Brakes & Suspension
  • Engine & Mechanics Modification
  • Car Interior 
  • Wheel Modifications
  • Paintwork
  • Car Stickers
  • Non-standard engine change

Let’s dig in a little deep and learn about each one of them. 

Brakes & Suspension

We all know that the overall control of the vehicle lies in the brake system.

That’s true. 

And that’s the reason for changing such a critical part needs assessment by the car insurance companies.

Image result for car brakes

And if you are looking forward to upgrading the brakes as well as the suspension of the car, you need to make sure that you do it correctly.


That’s because it will change the overall performance of your vehicle on the road. 

And you need to inform about such amendments to your insurer.

Engine & Mechanics Modification

Can you guess what increases the risk of accident even more?

That’s the modifications to your vehicle’s engine.

When you modify the engine of your vehicle, it will affect the performance of your car and the accelerator speed. 

Image result for car engine modification

The most common reasons for road-accidents are higher speed as well as overtaking.

Car Interior

Any kinds of modifications to your car’s interior? You need to inform that as well. 

Image result for car interior modification

Such kinds of changes include pedals, seats, steering as well as sound system and more. 

Wheel Modifications

And that’s the kind of modifications your car undergoes to enhance as well as increase its look and value. 

Image result for wheel modification

However, if you are planning it, then the car insurer is the one who needs to know about it first.


If you want to increase the feel and outside look of your car, it’s time to get the paint done. 

Related image

Adding eye-catching patterns as well as intricate race designs, will change the look and the feel of your car.

Paintwork isn’t a severe modification and considered to be harmless.

However, it’s essential to inform your insurer about it.

Car Stickers

Image result for car stickers

Well, that’s not something serious just like the sticker in the above car picture!

But, some car insurance companies even consider stickers as any modification to your car.

If you currently have one or planning to stick one, you need to get in touch with your car insurance provider. 

If you don’t, the chances are that it will affect your car insurance policy.

And that’s something you’d want to avoid.

Non-Standard Engine Change

Do you know which factors are taken into consideration by the car insurance companies to finalize the quotes for you?


That’s one of the most important ones.

And let me tell you that a non-standard engine is a serious change implemented on your car. 

A non-standard engine can lead to an increase in the risk of your car breaking down or being involved in an accident.

Can you tell me why you need to inform the car insurance companies prior to making any changes to your vehicle?

That’s because they will want to check the quality of the parts installed and check them for wear and tear. 

All of the information is taken into consideration by the car insurance companies to calculate the car insurance premium for you.

Modifications That Won’t Affect Your Car Insurance Premium

At some point, you’ll be making changes to your car.

You’ll be making your car undergo certain kinds of modifications.

And that might affect the car insurance premium rates.

However, that’s not the case with every modification your car undergoes. 

Some kinds of modifications won’t affect your car insurance premium even a bit.

Surprised, right?

Image result for parking sensor

Well, if the modification lowers the risk of accident or theft, what’s the harm in it then?

Let’s consider an example!


It helps you park your car nice and smooth!

And that’s not what the car insurance companies will make you pay a high premium for.

Why Should You Inform About Car Modifications?

Let’s just admit it!

It’s your responsibility to inform your insurer about any kinds of modifications you make to your car.

And that’s just in case of a new car.

What if you buy a used car?


Well, you need to get your car examined and learn about any kinds of modifications already made to it. 

Confused about what kind of coverage to get on a used car? Read more about that HERE.

What if you don’t disclose any kinds of alterations made to your car?

In such cases, car insurance companies hold total control over rejecting your application right away.

Car insurance companies will always find ways to get out of paying you for your coverage.

Don’t give them a chance to!

If you have made any modifications to your car, you need to inform your insurer about it right away!

The same is the case with if you are planning to. 

And if your insurance gets rejected, then it will be tough for you to get decent car insurance in the future.

Simple modifications won’t increase the premium rates a lot.

It’s the significant changes that you make will affect the car insurance premium rates hugely.

Don’t worry! You can make modifications to your car any time you want. Just inform your car insurer before it.

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