Obamacare Made SUPER-DUPER Simple

You might have heard about Obamacare. However, there are chances that you might not know what it’s all about. If you head over to the search engines and search for something like “What Is Obamacare,” you will come across blog posts or articles that are really confusing and SUPER-DUPER BORING to read. And this ends […]

Health Insurance Plans: A Complete Guide

Don’t we all love to have different options in our hands? And that’s what you get when you go out looking for the perfect health insurance plan for you and your family.  Usually, you’d buy a health insurance plan from an insurance broker or your state’s Marketplace.  And that’s when you will have a whole […]

Top Obamacare Challenges You Need To Know, and What To Do

Obamacare!  In the previous blog post, which you can read HERE, we took a brief look at how Obamacare works. However, the one thing that we missed was the challenges that come with it. And that’s what we are here to cover. In this blog post, we took a look at the top 11 reasons […]

How much is Obamacare Health Insurance?

The answer to this question really depends on a five main factors: your age, income, family size, location, and the type of plan you choose. That’s because the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provides subsidies for middle-income individuals, families, and small businesses. It also expands free Medicaid for low-income households. It taxes higher-income families, businesses that don’t provide health benefits, and […]