Top-Ranking Cheap Car Insurance Companies In 2019

Been in a major car crash? 

That can be quite devastating. You couldn’t have seen that coming. 

Your car might be majorly damaged. You might be seriously injured. Honestly, nobody wants to be in such kinds of situations.  

You would be in a big financial crisis. And that’s the time when you use car insurance to cover the expenses. 

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In a previous blog post, we took a brief look at how you can choose the perfect car insurance at a cheap price for yourself. Not only that, but we also learned that you should be really cautious while selecting a car insurance company!

But Why? 

Why should you think twice while choosing a car insurance company?

That’s because some companies just try to make their way out of the policy so that they simply don’t have to pay anything. They are able to use expensive attorneys to come up with loopholes in their insurance policies. 

And their final answer will be, “It’s not covered in the policy.” 

When that happens, it will be totally heart-breaking. And that’s why you should choose a car insurance company that’s well-reputed. You should select a company that’s known to provide car insurance policies at a cheap price and reputed enough to approve the claims of the people.

Higher Premiums!

Bad Customer Support!

Leaving Customers High & Dry!

And that’s the kinds of car insurance companies you should avoid. 

And that’s the main reason we have listed the top-ranking car insurance companies in this blog post.

Ranking Of The Top-Car Insurance Companies:

  • Travelers
  • Windhaven
  • Infinity
  • State Farm
  • Nationwide
  • Farmers
  • Allstate
  • Progressive
  • American Family

These are the companies that will provide you with the best service in times of a car accident. Plus, they are well-known to provide the best car insurance policies to their clients at a really cheap price.

Let’s take a short look at each one of them:


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Travelers is the car insurance company that we personally love. 


That’s because it has a well-maintained reputation of providing their customers with top-quality support. Their customer service is just top-notch.

The manner in which the company handles its customers’ claims is simply outstanding. Most of the customers are absolutely satisfied with its high-quality service.


There’s always a “BUT.” 

And that’s because the annual prices of the policies provided by the company are a little bit higher than any others’ in the list. They may not be ranked in the “cheap” category but everything else is really great with this company.


Here comes our second-favorite choice. Let’s take a look at what customers love about this company:

  • The policies are cheap
  • Filing A Claim Is Really Easy, via the Windhaven app
  • Frequent Updates On The Status Of The Claims

As mentioned earlier, this company provides car insurance at a really cheap price comparatively. The annual rates of the policies provided by this company are budget-friendly. If you are looking for Cheap Car Insurance in Tampa, FL, you will probably end up going with Windhaven.


#3! And that’s Infinity.

Let’s learn why.

The past customers have reported that they found it really easy to file a claim. However, some of them were frustrated with the status updates from the insurer.

Infinity provides customers with car insurance policies that are really cheap than the ones provided by the rest of the companies.

State Farm

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What makes State Farm be a part of our list?

Many of their past customers are so happy with their services that they decided to renew their policy right away. Plus, filing a claim is just a piece of cake. 

Customers report that the insurance policies provided by State Farm are more expensive than most companies. So if you are looking for quality customer service, you may want to try this company. But if you are looking for Cheap Car Insurance, it is probably best to go with a company like Windhaven or Infinity.


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Most of the customers are quite happy with the services provided by Nationwide. The past customers loved how perfectly their claims were handled by this company.

However, some of them don’t think that the company is worth the value. Some even claim that there are far better companies in the market than Nationwide.


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Let us tell you this!

The ratings provided by the customers are simply uneven. For some, the experience was top-notch. For others, it was not so much. 

It’s known for:

  • Ease of filing a claim
  • Good customer service
  • Way the claims are resolved

However, the one downside is that the rates are slightly higher than the competition. And that’s the main reason some of the people think that the car insurance policies provided by this company aren’t worth the value.


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This company has mixed reviews based on the experiences of past customers.

Some say that it’s worth every penny that they invested in this company.

Others don’t have similar views.

The past customers reported that they felt that they weren’t in safe hands while dealing with this company. They were left unhappy. Plus, most of them didn’t even renew their policies.


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Let’s take a look at the pros and the cons:


  • Easy To Submit A Claim

And that’s it. That’s the only good thing we heard about the company.


  • Bad Customer Service
  • Lack Of Communication
  • Issues In Claim Resolution
  • Value

It’s up to you to decide whether to go with this company or not.

American Family

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And here comes the final one in the list.

Would you like to know the reason why it’s the one ranking at the very bottom?

The only positive thing that we heard about this company from the customers is the ease in filing the claims. 

And that’s just it. 

Poor Customer Service!

Lack Of Communication Regarding The Claim Status!

Lack Of Value!

Claim Resolution Problems!

These were the major problems faced by past customers.


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These were the top-ranking car insurance companies in 2019. 

Buying a car is a luxury. However, its protection is our responsibility.

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