10 Must-Ask Questions Before You Buy Cheap Car Insurance

Choosing the perfect car insurance that fits your budget!

That’s a lot complicated than you can expect it to be.

We understand your problem completely.

You might have a lot of questions in your mind regarding the car insurance policy. 

Let me tell you what most people do when they want to buy car insurance.

They simply find it simple enough to buy one that their friends are already using. 

And if that’s not the case, people simply buy the most famous one in the market whose ads are on TV always. 

Let me tell you this.

It’s not a good idea. 

There are a lot of insurance companies in the market that are looking to extend their customer base. Not only do they sell their insurance policies at different rates, but they also vary a lot in just everything related to coverage.

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And that’s the reason we want you to be really cautious and choosy while you are looking for cheap car insurance for yourself.

Make sure that you choose a company that sells car insurance fitting your budget and offers you proper service and coverage. 

However, if you just neglect to be choosy and just go for anyone of the companies that your friends use, chances are you’ll regret later.

Ask some questions. Make sure that you have them answered. 

Some agents might be thinking to even involve in words just to sell their insurance policy to you. Don’t act as if you know nothing in front of them. 

Ask them some questions. Make sure that they don’t take you for a fool. 

Good ones will simply love to answer all of your questions. Maybe, they will even provide you with in-depth detail about each and every topic.

However, there will be some that will just cover the basics and will refrain from answering your questions. 

And that’s what you need to observe.

And that’s why we have prepared a list of some questions that you must ask the insurance agent while looking to buy from them cheap car insurance.

Tell Me About The Coverages That I Need

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Different states! 

Different coverages! 

Some only require liability insurance. While some require more than that. 

Make sure that you take into consideration these additional coverage types:


The chances are that your vehicle can be damaged by some non-crash incidents like vandalism, fire, theft as well as any act of nature.

And that’s what Comprehensive coverage helps to deal you with. 

Deductible’s included in this type of coverage. 

Want to know if you really need to buy this coverage or not?

Well, it all depends on what your car’s value is. 

Take a look at an online guide like NADA guides. You can take a look at www.nadaguides.com.


Let me tell you what this coverage helps you with. 

Damage to your car, whether it was your fault or not, is entirely dealt with through this coverage. 

Deductible’s included. 

Have you recently bought a new car?

Well, then you should buy this coverage right now. 

Personal Injury Protection

Got hit by someone?

That’s where this coverage comes to help you. 

Medical Expenses! Lost Wages! 

That’s what this coverage deals with. 

You can be riding in someone else’s car and get hit. This coverage works in such cases as well. Your medical bills will be covered. 

Underinsured & Uninsured Motorist Protection

These are the ones that are mandatory in some states. 

The chances are that an uninsured and underinsured driver hits you.

And that’s where this coverage comes to help you out. 

What’s My Risk Assessment?

Risk assessment! 

That’s what an insurance company takes into consideration to make sure the amount of risk you can bring in for the company. 

How likely are you going to make a claim?

That’s what’s calculated by the insurance companies. 

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And the risk assessment is based and calculated on various factors. 

Well, let’s just suppose that you possess a high-risk score to make a claim.

Then, the rates at which the policy is offered to you will be higher. 

How do the insurance companies calculate risk assessment?

That depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Criminal Record
  • Driving Record
  • Credit Rating

If you are a teen or an elderly person, the chances are that car insurance won’t be cheap for you.

Got a speeding ticket in the past? That’s considered in the risk assessment as well. 

What Will Be My Deductible?

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Let’s consider a scenario.

Imagine that you are involved in an auto accident.

You’ll, of course file a claim, right?

And that’s when you will have to pay a certain amount of money to make sure that the insurance companies pay the bill for you. 

And that’s what we call as deductible. 

Common examples of deductibles are (in dollars):

  • 0
  • 100
  • 500
  • 750
  • 1000
  • 1500

Lower your premium by raising the deductible. 

What we personally consider a wise move to be is to carry a higher deductible.


That’s because there are chances that you might never be involved in a car accident.

Tell Me About My Payment Options

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Finding cheap perfect car insurance ain’t that easy.

And the topic we will cover in this question is what are the payment options for you. 

Paying premium in the monthly instalments. That’s quite comfortable as compared to the annual lump-sum fee, right? 

Or you can even choose to go with the quarterly payment.

Ask your agent all of the payment options that are offered to you.

You’ll find the most insurance companies to provide you with the option for a half-yearly payment or an annual one. 

However, in case of an insurance company that charge on a monthly or quarterly basis, chances are that they will tack on a several-dollar surcharge. 

They might even offer you discounts if you choose to go with their annual subscription. 

Ask all of the options that you have to make sure that you are going for the car insurance that’s perfect and cheap for you. 

Any Offers Or Discounts That I Must Know About?

Don’t we all love discounts? 

And that’s what the insurance companies love providing. 

You’ll see most of the insurance companies declaring some amazing offers on their policies. You’ll see most of them even offering some discount to you.

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Some agents won’t directly reveal all of the offers or discounts to you.

They want that extra buck in their pocket.

And that’s why it’s your responsibility to ask them about the latest offers and the discounts offered by the insurance companies on the different policies. 

You’ll be provided with discounts for some safety features in your car like:

  • Airbags
  • Car Alarm

Your Driving Record! A Good Student! 

Everything’s considered while you are applying for a discount. 

Some insurance companies might also love providing you discounts due to the reasons:

  • Regularly Parking Car In A Garage 
  • Being Part Of A Recognized Professional Community
  • Graduating From A Recognized Specific College
  • Having An Eco-Friendly Vehicle

However, you won’t even know about these discounts if you don’t ask the insurance agents.

Make sure that you do.

How’ll You Judge My Car For Value?

And that’s the problem many people don’t even think about much.

Let me tell you this! This is one of the most important questions that you must ask your insurance agent instantly. 

I am sure that you’d want to buy your dream vehicle at some point in your life.

Got the money for it?

Image result for car value

Go fulfil your dreams right now.

And that’s when you’ll be really happy.

And all of that will be the reason for your sadness when your insurance agent tells you that the rate of insuring your high-tech dream vehicle is a lot more than you expected it to be.

And that’s when you will realize your mistake. You might think that you should’ve included it in your budget. 

And that’s the most important thing that you need to care about. 

Calculate your vehicle’s value even before you buy it. 

Carry out a cursory insurance check.

Make sure that your budget fits both the cost of the car and the insurance policy.

Do You Provide 24-Hours Claim Service?

Accidents can take place any time of the day.

Chances are higher during the time of night. 

And you might find the need to file a claim at any point of the time. 

It may even be urgent. 

What if the accident takes place on late-night Saturday?

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Some insurance companies don’t accept a claim request at that time as that ain’t their working hours.

And that’s why it’s really important that you ask your car insurance agent whether the company provides a 24-hour claim service.


And that’s what you need to ask your car insurance agent while you are planning to buy cheap car insurance.

Make sure that you look like you are completed familiar with everything.

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Sometimes, people don’t know much about car insurance policies and schemes. And that’s when some of the agents try to scam the people of their hard-earned money.

And if you look completely educated about the topic, the insurance agents might not pull up such a move on you and provide you with all the relevant details.

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